From Pastor Thalacker


There is nothing new in the whole world. Ecclesiastes 1:9 (TEV)

Then the one who sits on the throne said, “And now I make all things new!”
 Revelation 21:5 (TEV)


I can’t say that I necessarily agree with the writer of Ecclesiastes when he says that there is nothing new in the whole world. At least what he says needs to be taken with a small dose of salt. 

For example, computers are new....and all the stuff that comes with printers (which can be a pain in your south end going north as mine has been lately), the internet and all that implies (as acquaintance said recently that even things like e-mails....which I have only become comfortable using in the last ten or so years....are being used less frequently and being replaced by “texting” and other forms of private or not so private communication. I suspect that Guttenberg’s printing press would absolutely blow the “preacher’s” (that’s what the word Ecclesiastes means) say nothing of texting. (By the way, “texting” does not even show up on the spell check on my computer here at the church. It gets a big red line under it as a misspelling.) We have so much new “stuff” that even the most technologically savvy have trouble keeping up with the gizmos and gadgets (two words the spell-check recognizes.) 

I belong to and grew up in a time when everyone, all the farmers in the neighborhood lived and farmed like our Amish neighbors do. They would not be recognized as unusual at all in their farming and land practices when I grew up. We have gone from that time to walking on the moon (recently celebrated). Someday our grandchildren are going to be saying, “As recently as in my grandfather’s lifetime we have gone”

So when the writer of Revelation has the One who sits on the throne saying, “Behold! I am making everything new!” that announcement is a little scary for those of us like myself who may remember and be more stuck in the past.

But we may also want to remember that not everything in the past is good....we may just glance at our history as human beings and realize that we have made some hugemistakes historically speaking there and we may not want to go there.

But the truth is, we may neither want to nor need to. We belong as Christians to the one who is always saying, “I am making everything new.” Isn’t that as the kids say today, “neat”.

I suppose we can always go back....if we have to....or if we are forced to....but we can also look forward with some hope and see where the one who makes all things new can take us. Can we care about that and believe that too.

Maybe the men's prayer on the Red-Green show is close to right: “I’m a man and I can change....if I have to....I guess.” Will that work for Christians?

God bless us all, Pastor T.