Calendar of Events

September 2018




2nd:  Worship w/ Communion 9 AM  

3rd:  Quilting 9 AM
 Labor Day!

4th:  Text Study 1:30 PM
 5th:  Office 1-5 PM
  Worship 6 PM  

6th:  Office 1-5 PM

7th:  Miller / Mohring Wedding Rehearsal 6 PM

8th:  Miller / Mohring Wedding 2:30 PM 

9th:  Rally Sunday
 Adult Class and Sunday School 8:45 AM
 Worship 10 AM

WELCA Meeting
 LYO / 2nd Sunday

11th:  Text Study 1:30 PM 

12th:  Office 1-5 PM
 Worship 6 PM
13th: Office 1-5 PM 


16th:  Adult Class and Sunday School 8:45 AM
 Worship w/ Communion 10 AM
 Council Meeting  

17th:  Quilting 9 AM 

18th:  Text Study 1:30 PM 

19th:  Office 1-5 PM
 Worship 6 PM 

20th: Office 1-5 PM

22nd:  First Day of Fall

23rd:  Adult Class and Sunday School 8:45 AM
  Worship 10 AM

25th:  Text Study 1:30 PM
 Pastor Thalacker on Vacation 25th thru October 2nd  

26th: No Office
 No Worship
27th:  No Office



30th:  Adult Class and Sunday School 8:45 AM
 Worship 10 AM 

September Ministers of Worship


Alter Guild: Cheryl Schrage, CHR

Betsy McDougall, Jane Happel, Abbi Kienast    

September 2nd 2018 

15th Sunday after Pentecost-Communion

Paraments: Green

Lector: Quincy Van Thournout    

Organist: Alex Speer

Acolyte: Deacons

Fellowship: Quincy and Elijah Van Thournout 

September 9th 2018

16th Sunday after Pentecost   

Paraments: Green

Lector: Deanne Kuenstling     

Organist: JoAnn Kramer 

Acolyte: Deacons

Fellowship: Brady Happel and Abby Robinson

September 16th 2018

17th Sunday after Pentecost-Communion

Paraments: Green

Lector: Kenny Fettkether   

Organist: Gayle Wolff

Acolyte: Deacons

Fellowship: Kayla Rathe, Brooke and Luke Best  

September 23rd 2018

18th Sunday after Pentecost  

Paraments: Green

Lector: Marie Hruska
Organist: Alex Speer 

Acolyte: Deacons

Fellowship: Jared Salisbury and Zach Johnson

September 30th 2018

19th Sunday after Pentecost

Paraments: Green

Lector: Dawn Best

Organist: Gayle Wolff

Acolyte: Deacons

Fellowship: Elli Teisinger and Isabella Hesse  


Adult Sunday School 2018-2019

Everyone is invited to attend our Weekly Classes at 8:45 AM


September 9th: I Want To Go Where There Ain’t No Telephone Poles 

September 16th: Cross Vision – Introduction and Chapter 1  

September 23rd: ATWCFFADRM – the All-Time-World-Class-Free-For-All-Discussion-Of-Religious-Matters

September 30th: Cross Vision – Chapter 2 and 3 

October 7th: Family 1 - Introduction 

October 14th: Cross Vision – Chapters 4 and 5

October 21st: ATWCFFADRM – the All-Time-World-Class-Free-For-All-Discussion-Of-Religious-Matters 

October 28th: Cross Vision – Chapters 6 and 7 

November 4th: Family 2 – Stages: Before Children Come – Establishing the Team 

November 11th: Cross Vision – Chapter 8

November 18th: ATWCFFADRM – the All-Time-World-Class-Free-For-All-Discussion-Of-Religious-Matters 

November 25th: Cross Vision – Chapter 9 

December 2nd: Cross Vision – Chapter 10 and 11 

December 9th: Family 3 – Stages: When Children Come – Re-establishing the Team 

December 16th: Cross Vision – Chapter 12 

December 23rd: No Adult Bible Study

December 30th: No Adult Bible Study

January 6th: Cross Vision – Chapter 13

January 13th: Family 4 – Stages: Raising Children – Re-establishing the Team 

January 20th: Cross Vision – Chapter 14 

January 27th: Family 5 – Stages: When Teens Are At Home – Re-establishing the Team 

February 3rd: ATWCFFADRM – the All-Time-World-Class-Free-For-All-Discussion-Of-Religious-Matters

February 10th: Family 6 – Stages: When Children Leave Home – Re-establishing the Team 

February 17th: Family 7 – Stages: Retirement – Re-establishing the Team

February 24th: Cross Vision – Chapter 15

March 3rd: ATWCFFADRM – the All-Time-World-Class-Free-For-All-Discussion-Of-Religious-Matters

March 10th: Family 8 – Stages: Helping Each Other Get Ready to Die – Re-establishing the Team 

March 17th: ATWCFFADRM – the All-Time-World-Class-Free-For-All-Discussion-Of-Religious-Matters 

March 24th: Family 9 – Stages: Conflict in Marriage A

 March 31st: ATWCFFADRM – the All-Time-World-Class-Free-For-All-Discussion-Of-Religious-Matters

April 7th: Family 10 – Stages: Conflict in Marriage B  

April 14th: ATWCFFARM – the All-Time-World-Class-Free-For-All-Discussion-Of-Religious-Matters 

April 21st: No Adult Bible Study 

April 28th: Cross Vision – Chapter 16

May 5th: ATWCFFADRM – the All-Time-World-Class-Free-For-All-Discussion-Of-Religious-Matters 

May 12th: Cross Vision – Chapter Postscript 

May 19th: Last Adult Bible Study